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Service & Repair

Don't Risk a Sudden HVAC Breakdown

Keep your system up and running with routine HVAC maintenance.

Life gets busy, and it can be easy to forget to arrange for HVAC maintenance. If you neglect your system, you could find yourself with a broken heater or air conditioner. Do yourself a favor and schedule preventive maintenance to save yourself from hefty HVAC repair costs.

When you work with Atlantic Air Systems, you can utilize our convenient annual maintenance program- the Atlantic Advantage Plan- to ensure your system keeps working properly. Call now to schedule annual HVAC maintenance.

Once we have inspected your heating and cooling system, we will be able to offer the best solution possible. We can handle anything from minor repairs to full replacements.

We provide commercial and residential repair and replacement services for:

Gas and electric water heaters

Cooling systems

Geothermal units

Gas furnaces and boilers

Oil furnaces and boilers

Tankless water heaters

Ductless systems

Heat pumps

Radiant floor heating systems

Combination boilers

Replacements & Upgrades

Is Your HVAC System Making Weird Noises?

It may be time to consider an HVAC replacement.

If you just encountered a problem with your heating or cooling system, reach out to an HVAC contractor right away. Neglecting the problem will only make things worse. Atlantic Air Systems will diagnose your HVAC issue and determine an effective way to resolve it.

Your system could be malfunctioning for a number of different reasons. Only a trained HVAC contractor can determine the problem. You may need to schedule an HVAC replacement if your system is beyond repair.

As soon as your heating or cooling system starts failing, make an HVAC replacement appointment. We're a dealer for Carrier products.

There are a number of different components that make your heater and air conditioner function properly. Don't waste time trying to assess the problem on your own. Rely on someone with skill and experience. Atlantic Air Systems provides comprehensive services, including HVAC upgrades. You can trust us to find out what's wrong with your system.

HVAC upgrades are usually necessary if:

Your system is over 10 years old

Repair costs exceed upgrade costs

Your utility bills are unusually high

You notice temperature fluctuations

Your system emits strange smells

You have poor indoor air quality

HVAC Installation

It's Time to Ditch Your Outdated Heating and Air Conditioning Unit


If your HVAC system is outdated and it’s time for a replacement, you can trust Atlantic Air Systems for HVAC installations in Toms River, NJ and surrounding areas. Let us help improve the energy efficiency of your home with HVAC installation. We sell and install a variety of HVAC units. With over 20 years of experience, you can trust that we’ll help you choose the right system and install it correctly. Ask about our financing options.

Call (732) 451-4822 now for a free estimate on your HVAC installation. We’ll talk with you about your needs and budget to find a unit that’s a good fit.


Not sure if buying a new heating or cooling unit is worth the price? Here are three important reasons to get a new HVAC installation unit today:

  1.  You’ll save money on energy costs, because your new unit won’t have to work as hard as an old or damaged one.
  2. You’ll save money on repairs, because a brand-new unit is less likely to break down.
  3. You can upgrade to a newer or more energy-efficient unit.

New Construction

Move Into a Cool New Property

Get ENERGY STAR HVAC installation service in Toms River, NJ

When you are building a new home, it’s important to consider the quality of materials and systems being installed. If you take shortcuts with cheaper products, you’re likely to encounter problems down the road. An HVAC installation is one of the most important aspects of construction, and Atlantic Air Systems in Toms River, NJ understands this completely. We’ll help you make a wise choice for your new home.

Hire us for commercial HVAC installation services today. We’re a local ACCA QA contractor based in Toms River, NJ.

Discover the benefits of an ENERGY STAR-certified property

We provide commercial HVAC installation services in Toms River, New Jersey. We also specialize in designing ENERGY STAR 3.1 homes. When you choose to work with an ACCA QA contractor, you’ll reap the benefits of a more functional, modern home. Our contractors are experienced and skilled at installing efficient systems in newly built properties. When you have an ENERGY STAR-certified home, you will benefit from:

Energy-efficient insulation

Top-notch equipment

Improved air circulation

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